Enhanced and Secure Authentication system methodology


  • Geetika Narang, Sneha Tirth, Rupesh Mahajan, Purushottam R. Patil


Authorization, Initialization, Encryption, Extensible Authentication Framework


This research paper aims to provide a two-way authentication security system between the client and server systems. In IEEE 802.16e, the Mobile Station (MS) acts as a client and the Base Station (BS) server.  For achieving integrity and confidentiality in data, authentication is an essential factor. One of the primary reasons for a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is the authentication mechanism flaws. This paper proposes a puzzle-based approach for authentication where the Puzzle is automatically supposed to be solved by a machine. Illegitimate User can be capture with the help of a Dynamically generated Puzzle, in which the Base station blocks a subscriber if it has not received the expected response. For further operation, Base Station (BS) should verify the certificate only when Mobile Station (MS) has solved it. It makes sure that only the genuine entity is getting access to the resources. These puzzles can be created dynamically. Research work shows the simulation of an algorithm that works on a dynamic puzzle and can effectively and efficiently work in the IEEE 802.16e environment.



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Geetika Narang, Sneha Tirth, Rupesh Mahajan, Purushottam R. Patil. (2022). Enhanced and Secure Authentication system methodology. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 28(10), 386–399. Retrieved from http://cims-journal.com/index.php/CN/article/view/104