Deep Learning for Covid-19


  • *Shaina, Dr. Sushil Kumar


COVID-19, Deep Learning, Big Data, Cloud


COVID-19 has generated extraordinary crises in the aspects of health and business. Considering limited resources and the pressing need for medical goods, health treatment, and medicines, creative answers have really been fundamental. As the globe began to struggle from the COVID-19 epidemic, deep learning and innovative applications face a critical challenge: developing an economical cure. The goal of this study is to enhance the understanding, evaluate, and categories the application of deep learning and technological advances in the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19. Modern systems have created great support and assistance in everything from the transmission of COVID-19 information to prevention efforts, disease localization, and cure. The major focus is on the use of deep learning and related approaches, as well as the adoption of technologies such as cloud and big data. These aid in the combat towards COVID-19 and provide avenues for advancement. We also provide a point-by-point overview of how using these breakthroughs might be of tremendous aid in the fight against other connected disorders. We additionally assess the challenges, characteristics, and identified obstacles in establishing long-term remedies. This chapter proceeds by highlighting the need for a coordinated work in research elements that makes use of open sharing of information, skills, and technologies.



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