Spiritual Psychotherapeutic Healing Post Covid-19: a Novel Approach in Healthcare


  • Dr Girish Padhan, Dr. (Prof.) S. N. Panda


BrahmaKumaris, Sahaj Raj yoga Meditation, Stress Management, positive thinking, CNN, HRCT


The purpose of this study was to explore raja yoga meditation as a proactive coping strategy for all type of adults. Here we estimate the preliminary effect of covid19 on lungs through HRCT as compare to the spiritual inhaling of raj yoga meditation related quality of life among those patients with meditation and pranayam.Here we proposed raja yoga meditation which is an ancient technique to bring the mental peace and inner harmony with autonomous, independent and fearlessness as well as overall normality of required medical parameter. Also we contrast the covid19 high resolution computer tomography of seven different patients after spiritual enhancing for a period of 21 days with the high resolution computer tomography of similar patients at the time of covid19 infection.

Raja yoga meditation as a therapy gives Relaxation response, positive thinking, release stress in life, gives satisfaction of all relation. Patients suffering from covid19 and its related, neurotic diseases such as anxiety, neurotic depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, and phobias and so on routine systematic meditation practice proves beneficial when combined with conventional psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. For the treatment of psychosomatic diseases when meditation is combined with conventional medicine.      Randomized clinical pilot study among 7 infected patients with covid19 HRCT is taken as the preliminary stage. Patient were recruited who were 15 to 60 years older belongs to rural and urban areas. Initially they are infected and their covid19 HRCT taken as preliminary information. After a period of 21 days raja yoga meditation practice at brahmakumaris raja yoga meditation centre, they are feel independence, self-confidence and assurance. After this specified period they felt infection less and they are seen to be recovered gradually .Then we again take the covid19 HRCT of all those patients for a comprehensive study. This pilot study was designed to estimate preliminary effect to inform future large clinical trials and not power to measure differences among group.

After a period of 21 days of raja yoga meditation at centre with all protocol, out of the seven patient, four were reported  90%(QR-6975-78), two  reported 70%(QR-4523-24) and one reported 65%(QR-8021) positive change as compare to the covid19 infected group. Other positive changes in meditation were observed among the yoga group. It is observed that many behavior of the yoga group are change to be positive in multi activities.

Raja yoga meditation positively affected the covid19 patient’s measure for quality of life and overcome all level of stress. Overall results provide a strong efficacy of meditation on improving healthcare outcome ,However result of this study treating survivors of meditation practice is feasible and the groundwork for potentially more rigorous control trial which evaluate the impact of yoga on infection, anxiety, coping and clinical illness that are typically associated with raja yoga meditation.



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