Introduction to Hybrid Multi-Rotor Drones Propulsion


  • Mustafa Abdul Salam Mustafa


Hybrid-electric propulsion systems, Multi-copter, UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Internal combustion engine, electric motor


This work is related to analyze the researches in the field of conception hybrid power plant for Drones Type: Vertical Take Off Land (VTOL) multi-copters. Based on the analysis and the task of increasing the flight time, useful payload of a multi-copter Drone. A drone is a kind of unmanned aircraft, often known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). A drone is a flying robot that may be piloted or flown autonomously via the use of software-controlled flight plans stored in its embedded systems and combined with onboard sensors and navigation systems. UAVs were most often associated with different civil, security and military applications. A multi-copter Drone is a rotorcraft UAV with more than two lift-generating rotors. An advantage of the multi-copter is the simpler rotor mechanics required for flight control. Then, A Hybrid drone: is a type of UAV using two or more energy sources (Power plant) to power its flight propulsion system. In this work, we will focus on introduction for conception of: Hybrid Multi-Copter Drones and find the actuality, importance and the most efficient Feasibility of their creation.



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