Identify and Evaluate the Issues in Document Management by Construction Industry


  • Bhavika N Mistry*, Nimita Gujar, Neetu B. Yadav


Project Management, Document Management, Communication, Information Management, Construction Project, Documents, Records Keeping


Document management in construction industry is a system or process used to capture, store and track construction related documents such as pdfs, word processing files, daily reports, and any paper-based content. It became necessary to manage the documents and reports in order to save time and money. Also, to provide faster search and retrieval of documents, reduce the amount of space used to store documents and other records. In construction industry, any project success needs effective, consistent, completed and well documented communication among different stakeholders. In this study top most factor affecting or creating issues in construction documents management are identified and evaluate by using ANOVA method. ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) is a group of statistical models that is used to evaluate the differences between the means of two independent groups by dividing the variability into systematic and random variables. Finding the independent variable's influence on the dependent variable is helpful. It helps in determining the effect of various factors on the movement of stock fluctuation. So, with its assistance, statisticians, economists, or analysts carry out a thorough analysis of the security index under various market situations. The ANOVA test also aids in determining if an experiment's results are significant or random. Questionnaire survey was carried out to identified the factors affecting document management.



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