• Madhav Mohanakrishnan*, Mir Faizaan Sajjad, Vaibhav, Nithin Shankar & Neha Tyagi


Time lock wallet, voting system, Blockchain


Today more than ever, blockchain technology is an emerging technology and its applications are widely used. With its smart contract features, Ethereum in particular opens the door to novel concepts that may be implemented in a distributed, unchangeable, and trustless manner. Over the past few years, interest in blockchain has been growing at a tremendous rate, since the technology allows us to solve a lot of problems. It is advisable to create a separate blockchain-based application for the needs of each company. Today, its development is not complete without smart contracts Ethereum. The use of this technology has several advantages: perfect protection against fraud, improved trust between partners, and much more.  In this paper, two different applications of blockchain are used inorder to secure funds and preserve the trust of investors. Solidity was applied as the scripting language throughout this development. With the emergence of the startup industry and the ongoing bloom of entrepreneurs, there has also been an increase in public funded projects. Most of the time, these projects possess the vital flaw, that the usage of the funds given by the investors is often unrecorded and unregulated. By suggesting a method that can accurately regulate and see the usage of funds, this application aims to resolve this ongoing issue. Time lock wallets, which store funds until a certain time period and a voting system, which requires majority in order to pass a decision, are pattered for the application.  This project has been able to safely protect the funds of the investors as well as come up with further applications caused by the culmination of the two ideas



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Madhav Mohanakrishnan*, Mir Faizaan Sajjad, Vaibhav, Nithin Shankar & Neha Tyagi. (2023). SMART TIME LOCK WALLET INTEGRATED WITH VOTING SYSTEM. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 29(5), 318–324. Retrieved from