Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems <p align="justify">"<em><strong>Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems</strong></em>" was founded in 1995 , Chinese monthly, English name Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems , journal number <strong>ISSN: 1006-5911</strong> .</p> <p align="justify">This journal is a national academic journal founded by the national 863 high-tech research and development program CIMS and sponsored by the No. 210 Research Institute of China North Industries Group Corporation . When the publication was launched, Vice Premier Zou Jiahua and Song Jian, then director of the State Science and Technology Commission, wrote inscriptions to congratulate. The director of the first editorial board is the chief scientist in the field of automation, Academician Jiang Xinsong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The current honorary director of the journal editorial board is Academician Wu Cheng of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the director is Academician Li Peigen of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. There are 18 advisory editorial members and 77 editorial members. All are well-known experts in the field or experts with outstanding contributions . Among them, there are 15 academicians and 6 foreign experts.</p> <p align="justify"> The purpose of this journal is to exchange information on the research, development and application of advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad, and to promote and promote the development of advanced manufacturing in China. It mainly reports the policy measures, key points, trends, scientific and technological achievements, scientific research trends, popularization and application, product development and academic activities related to the development of computer integrated manufacturing systems at home and abroad. This journal currently has , but is not limited to, the following columns: digital /networked/intelligent manufacturing technology, modern manufacturing service technology, product design and development technology, enterprise management and logistics technology , etc.</p> <p align="justify">Since its establishment more than 20 years ago , this journal has always been responsible for tracking the development trend of foreign advanced manufacturing technology, publicizing the latest research results obtained in this field in China, and reflecting the innovation of technology application. It has gathered a large number of top-level experts, scholars and engineering technicians in the field of advanced manufacturing technology in China, and has made important contributions to promoting the research, development and application of advanced manufacturing technology in China.</p> <p align="justify">The journal <em><strong>"Computer Integrated Manufacturing System"</strong></em> focuses on forward-looking, innovative, systematic and complete academically, and focuses on guidance and practicality in application, realizing the combination of academic research and engineering application. The papers published in this journal have high academic value and great influence, and fully reflect the latest research level, application achievements and valuable experience in the field of advanced manufacturing technology . .</p> <p align="justify">The journal currently has more than 700 senior reviewers in the field , of which more than 70% are experts with the title of professor or above . Most of the authors are researchers and organizers with doctoral degrees in high-level and powerful research and development units in China, and the proportion of dissertation funding exceeds 90%.</p> <p align="justify">The main readers of this journal are teachers and students from colleges and universities engaged in the research and application of advanced manufacturing technology, and researchers from scientific research institutes and enterprises.</p> <p align="justify">In 1996, the journal entered the core database of the US "Engineering Index ( Ei ) Compendex ", and the selection rate of papers has been very high, and has always maintained 100% in recent years. At the same time, this journal is also the source journal of many well-known databases at home and abroad, including Russian "Abstract Journal" ( AJ ), British "Scientific Abstracts" ( SA ), American "Cambridge Scientific Abstracts" ( CSA ), Poland "Copernicus Index" ( IC ), Netherlands "Digest and Citation Database" ( Scopus ) , American EBSCO database, "Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factor Annual Report", " WJCI Science and Technology Journal World Influence Index Report", "China Science and Technology Journal Citation Report" ( CJCR ) , "Overview of Chinese Core Journals 2017 Edition", " CCF Catalogue of High- Quality Journals in Computing Field", " CCF Recommended Catalogue of Chinese Sci-tech Journals", China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database ( CAJCED)), China Science Citation Database ( CSCD ), RCCSE China Authoritative Academic Journals, Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, Chinese Electronic Periodical Service Database ( CEPS ), "China Academic Journal Abstracts (Chinese version)", "China Academic Journal Abstracts (English version)" )", Wanfang Digital Periodical Group, Chaoxing Periodical Domain Publishing Platform, VIP Database and other famous databases at home and abroad. And won the 3rd National Journal Award for 100 key journals, the first prize of China's weapons industry outstanding scientific and technological journals, as well as China's most internationally influential academic journals and China's international influential academic journals and other awards.</p> Beijing Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consultation Center en-US Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems 1006-5911 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MOTIVES OF MURDER BASED PREDICTION IN INDIA <p>This paper presents a growing autonomy of AI decision-making raises questions about an individual's accountability (mens rea) in relation to criminal conduct (actus reus). Automated Decision Making refers to the use of artificial intelligence and related technologies to assist or replace human decision-making in the criminal justice system. AI is already in practice to assist with tasks such as predicting recidivism, identifying suspects, or determining sentences. &nbsp;The famous Loomis v. Wisconsin case , in which the court rejected the appeal against the decision supported by the COMPAS but also cautioned about the risks of using such algorithms and their transparency, questioned the use of the COMPAS algorithm in calculating the risk of reoffending in US courts. Later, ProPublica published a study&nbsp; demonstrating the algorithm's prejudice towards persons of colour.</p> Ritika Ranka & Rishabh Ranka Copyright (c) 2023 2023-11-07 2023-11-07 29 11 1 14 THREE POROUS LAYERED FERROFLUID SQUEEZE FILM WITH A CONVEX PAD STATOR UNDER SLIP AND SQUEEZE VELOCITY EFFECTS <p>This paper presents a mathematical model and analysis for a slider bearing consisting of a convex pad stator with three porous layers attached to the slider. As a lubricant, ferrofluid is used. The problem takes into account the influence of slip velocity, as proposed by Sparrow <em>et al</em>. [1<strong>]</strong> and modified by Shah <em>et al</em>. [2]. To describe magnetic fluid penetration dynamics through porous media, we have used modified Darcy's law given by Zahn and Rosensweig [3]. Solving the generalized Reynolds equation yields the expression for pressure. The equations for load carrying capacity can then be obtained by using this expression. Non-dimensional pressure, load carrying capacity, friction on the slider, coefficient of friction, and position of the centre of pressure are expressed analytically. A numerical computation is performed and graphical results are presented. The results indicate that a greater field strength or greater inlet to outlet film thickness ratio <em>a</em> increases load carrying capacity. Non-dimensional coefficient of friction and friction on the moving slider increase with decreasing inlet-to-outlet film thickness ratio <em>a</em> or higher crown ratio. When the film thickness ratio increased, the centre of pressure shifted towards the outlet. After the film thickness ratio <em>a</em> reached a particular level, it changed in the direction of the inlet as field strength became larger. However, it shifted towards the inlet when the magnetization parameter increased. When the slip parameter was increased, the non-dimensional load capacity, slider friction, and centre of pressure location all decreased. Overall, it can be said that smaller values of , , , and&nbsp; &lt; &lt; &nbsp;yield higher performance.&nbsp;</p> Darshana A Patel & Ramesh C Kataria* Copyright (c) 2023 2023-11-07 2023-11-07 29 11 15 43 ANALYZING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: AN INNOVATIVE DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM BASED ON FUZZY INFERENCE RULES <p>Customer relationship management (CRM) is a big deal in business these days. It's all about making sure customers are happy. One way to measure customer satisfaction is by using a special system called a fuzzy rule based decision support system. This system is helpful when things aren't simple and straightforward. It can handle situations where different things are connected and when you need to make judgments based on the specific situation. In this paper, we're looking at how the cost of recharge coupons and the amount of talk time and validity affect customer satisfaction. We want to find the recharge coupon that makes customers happy and makes the company money. We're using a fuzzy logic approach to figure out what makes customers satisfied. In the end, we'll have a model that shows how satisfied customers are based on their recharge coupon and talk time.</p> Jugendra Kumar Dongre*, Dr. Ajay R. Raundale Copyright (c) 2023 2023-11-25 2023-11-25 29 11 44 54 UP GRADED CONVOLUTION ERROR DIMINUTION CODE PERFORMANCE IN SEA WATER COMMUNICATION <p>Quality assurance of an image is an important task in underwater transmission systems. Underwater channel is characterized by speckle noise and multipath currents which&nbsp;&nbsp; lead to variations in Doppler frequency and also changes the distance between the nodes. As the reliability of an image in an acoustic&nbsp; channel can be judged in terms of Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR)&nbsp;&nbsp; and low Mean Square Error (MSE),Structural Similarity Index(SSIM),channel, Signal to Noise Ratio requirement, Band width efficiency&nbsp; can be obtained by employing suitable modulation techniques or efficient fault reduction coding techniques. While considering design and implementation fault reduction coding techniques are more prominent. This paper proposes a new channel coding technique that ensures secrecy , comparatively&nbsp; good PSNR low MSE, high SSIM .&nbsp; This paper addresses the comparison of proposed Upgraded Convolution code with convolution code, Reed Solomon(RS)code ,&nbsp; Turbo code, Low Density Parity&nbsp; Check code (LDPC) for transmission of JPEG image through underwater acoustic channel&nbsp; by using frequency hopped M-ary FSK modulation (FH M-ary FSK).</p> Smt .Y. Venkata Ratnam*, Dr. V.Malleswara Rao & Dr. B.Prabhakar Rao Copyright (c) 2023 2023-11-27 2023-11-27 29 11 55 67 Improve Term Weighting for Text Classification <p>A large number of features can be extracted from text documents. The extracted features are mixed between positive, negative, and noise features. Improving the quality of extracted features can be a challenging task. The feature selection technique used in text classification is the team-based approach. The term “Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency” (TF-IDF) is widely used to extract all features from text documents. Based on the weight of the extracted features, the most important features can be selected. However, the selected features are based on the frequency of the term in the documents regardless of the importance of the feature. In this paper, we proposed a new method based on TF-IDF to improve the quality of extracted features and revise the weight. The extracted terms from the text are classified based on their importance. Then, the weight of the features can be revised based on the class that the feature belongs to. The proposed model shows significant improvement in the evaluation measures with an average of 3.6 in F-measure.</p> Abdulmohsen Algarni Copyright (c) 2023 2023-11-30 2023-11-30 29 11 68 82